Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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5 Simple Steps to Fundraise


Decide on the fundraising mechanism and timeline of your campaign


Share your idea (e.g. date, fundraising mechanism, target audience) with us by emailing us at


A representative from Singapore Children’s Society will be in touch to guide you through the campaign. Third Party fundraisers must sign Third Party Fundraising Proposal (TPP) with Singapore Children’s Society prior to starting their campaigns. Please note that we will need a lead time of 2 weeks to process the TPP before the campaign starts.


Once campaign is finalised and approved by our Society, you may proceed to create your publicity materials (subject to approval by our Society)


Kick start your campaign!

Engage Our Beneficiaries

Employee engagement will create a better work culture and increase productivity.

There are many ways which you can work with us, such as:

Donation in-kind drives
Volunteering with our beneficiaries
Contributing through skill-based volunteering

Contact us at to connect with our friendly personnel today.