To mark its 20th year of success and growth, the Singapore MMA & Acrylic Group (SMAG) has chosen to give back to the society by partnering Singapore Children’s Society to raise funds for the children in need.

To kick-start this initiative, SMAG donated $1,000 to Children’s Society in March this year. Following which, a series of in-house activities were organised to involve SMAG’s employees and contractors in this meaningful initiative.

An internal donation drive was held at the SMAG complex over a period of eight days from 2 May, which saw members from the SMAG’s 20th anniversary organising committee collecting donations with the 15 donation tins provided by Singapore Children’s Society. Employees and contractors alike donated generously, with many of them making multiple donations every time they were approached by a different member. A total of $4,802.55 was raised from this donation drive.

Members of the SMAG’s 20th anniversary organising committee.
Donation tins decorated by members of the SMAG’s 20th anniversary organising committee.

On 3 May, staff from Singapore Children’s Society visited SMAG and set up a booth in the canteen. Through our outreach efforts, SMAG colleagues were able to find out more about the programmes and services provided by Singapore Children’s Society, and could choose to make a one-time or monthly-recurring donation. At the end of the day, SMAG colleagues donated a total of $1,756.70 and submitted many applications for the monthly-recurring donation at the booth.

Thank you SMAG for raising a total of $7,559.25 for Singapore Children’s Society!

SMAG’s 20th anniversary organising committee members with staff from Singapore Children’s Society.
Employees and contractors were generous in their donations when approached.

SMAG’s 20th anniversary organising committee is grateful for the opportunity to do their part for charity, and appreciates the support and donations received from their employees and contractors. Let’s hear what they have to say:

“I am glad that while we are celebrating a big milestone in our complex’s history, we did not forget about the less fortunate among the society, especially children who are mostly defenseless against any abuse that they may have experienced.”
Winston Tan

“I feel great as sharing is caring. Let’s do it together and help others in need from today onwards!!!”
Apple Teo

“We have chosen to work with Singapore Children’s Society as we feel that children are our future. We want to do our small part to help to provide what they need. We have plans to visit one of the centres in January 2020.”
Seng Li Lian

Keen in sharing your happiness with the children in need just like how SMAG did? Drop us an enquiry at now to find out how you can collaborate with Singapore Children’s Society!